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I sit down for a conversation with two founders of the annual Twin Cities Goth Prom and discuss the unique event’s origins, the contemporary status and meanings of “goth,” and the allyship between goth and LGBTQ+ cultures. Originally published on the blog of now defunct tech startup RedCurrent.

High school prom has historically been an affair of firsts: the first time dressing to the
nines outside of family functions; first time taking the car out for the evening; the first time
awkwardness is enhanced by beautiful décor. While very few teenagers would admit to being 100 percent comfortable in such a situation, there are those who—for socio-aesthetic reasons—feel like complete outsiders mixing with prom’s glitz and glam. But those who side-stepped this high school rite of passage so as to not further highlight their marginalized status may still, as adults, stake out a sovereign land safe from the panoptic gaze of spectator-like judgment.

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